ride smart, ride safe

A cyclist was struck and killed by a pick-up truck early yesterday morning on N. Decatur Road, here in Atlanta. Paul Taylor, 53, was an active member of Oak Grove United Methodist Church and is survived by his wife and four children. As of this post, police are still investigating and we don’t know exactly how this happened. Paul was riding in the inside lane on a 4-lane street when he was struck.

News like this is always sobering and sad. Paul’s unfortunate untimely passing should serve as a reminder to us all who are riding the roads to ride smart and ride safe.

  • Ride with flashing tail lights and head lights for your bike if riding on busy streets – any time of the day.
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet – no exceptions – ever.
  • ALWAYS have identification.  (RoadID is highly recommended as you can register medical information to help first responders react as quickly as possible.  It also makes it easy for them to contact someone immediately for you.)
  • Stay as close to the right side of the road as you safely can.
  • Know your route well if riding in the early pre-sun hours.  Know where the pot-holes are that could cause you to crash.  If not safe, find another route.
  • NEVER ride with headphones, earbuds, etc. in your ears! Leave those i-anything, bluetooth earpieces, etc. at home or in  your pockets when riding so you can use all your senses.
While car drivers often get aggravated with cyclists, I don’t think there’s a driver out there that really wants to be behind the wheel of a story like this.  To keep this sobering event in perspective, there have probably been millions of miles traveled in Atlanta by cyclists in the last year and  this is the second story of a death that we can recall.  Wish the same could be said about automobiles. In Paul’s honor, be safe – not scared to ride – and use all of the gear and guidance to ride smart.
(written jointly by AV200 & Belva White)

One thought on “ride smart, ride safe

  1. Riding smart is so important these days when people tend to be more distracted than ever when behind the wheel. EmergencyLink is a free service that provides you with ID cards to go in your wallet, on your keychain, and a screen saver on your phone. We are the most comprehensive way for authorities to know who you are, and how to contact your loved ones when the worst case becomes a reality.

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