And no, we don’t mean the collegiate football conference…

This year marks our TENTH annual ride and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve had some huge accomplishments in the past 9 years, thanks to all of YOU… so first, and foremost, THANK YOU.

However, the fight is not won. While we’ve made giant strides in AIDS Vaccine research since the discovery of the AIDS, we still have far to go. So why not help in our fight to find a cure?

Not a rider? No problem! Our ride would not be as successful as it is without the help of our volunteers. Everything from SAG (Support & Gear!) to pit stop cheerleaders, our volunteers are what help our riders reach their 200-mile challenge.

If you’ve happened to just stumble upon our blog and want to know more, please visit our website at If you are here because of our newsletter and haven’t registered (as a rider or volunteer) for 2012… you know where to go. If you can’t join us in Atlanta but still want to show your support, we welcome your generous donations.

And if you’re still unsure, well… read on. This year we are putting the spotlight on our participants. Hear from them why they do this ride, and why this is so important to all of us. If their stories can’t convince you, then you should write me personally and let me know how to sway you.

Let’s make our BIG TEN anniversary the best year yet. Can’t wait to ride with all of you in May!


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